The PIM Taskforce gratefully acknowledges the leadership of the Halton Catholic District School Board and the following people in the development of this resource for school administrators. 

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Project Lead

Erica van Roosmalen – Chief Research Officer / Toronto Region MiSA PNC Executive Lead
Halton Catholic District School Board

Joanne Miceli – Toronto Region MiSA PNC Project Assistant

Halton Catholic District School Board

Lead Consultants

Anthony Scarfone – Retired Principal, Halton Catholic District School Board

Educational Consultant – Anthony Scarfone Professional Education Consulting and Training (ASPECT)

David Midwood – Retired Principal, Durham District School Board
Educational Consultant – MCI

Privacy and Information Management Specialist

Gina Coish – FOI/RM Coordinator                             Nancy Massie – Records Manager
Simcoe County District School Board                          York Region District School Board

Legal Review

Special thanks to Nadya Tymochenko, Keel Cottrelle, for her wise counsel, legal expertise and tremendous partnership in reviewing the handbook at no cost to the taskforce.

Finally we would like to thank the Toronto Region Professional Network Centre for hosting a PIM workshop and to all those who attended the workshop to review the handbook and for their invaluable feedback:

Halton Catholic District School Board                           York Region District School Board

Paula Dominic – Principal                                               Russ Coles – Senior Manager    Computer Applications

Tom Durran – Principal                                                  Nancy Massie – Records Manager

Oliver Foese – Chief of Psychological Services            Mary Cousens – Principal

Stan Gajewski – Principal                                               Alex Corry – Principal

Theresa Wilson – Chief Social Worker                          Bob Saniford – Principal

Gord Wagner – Principal

Halton District School Board                                          Rashmi Swarup – Principal

Kim Redmond – Vice-Principal                                     Dorothy Cammaert – Senior Manager-Employee Services

Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board               Upper Grand District School Board

Claudia Campagnolo – Privacy and Access/              John Shanks – Chief Information Officer/MiSA Lead

Policy Services Officer                                                  Sue Krueger, Freedom of Information Coordinator

Patricia Kasij – Principal                                              Heather Broddy – Principal

Randy Dewey – Vice-Principal

Wellington Catholic District School Board                 Deidre Wilson – Prinicpal
Brenda Kennedy – MiSA Lead

Ministry of Education
Tom Adams – Education Officer (TARO)