Privacy and Information Management (PIM) Principal’s Handbook

Welcome to the Privacy and Information Management (PIM) Principal’s Handbook. The principal is front line on the issue of PIM and relies mainly upon the Education Act and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) to do so. Many questions and decisions must be executed with correct knowledge, understanding and insight into these matters.  This handbook will serve to assist the principal in becoming cognizant of various factors that influence procedures related to the components of PIM.

Principal’s Handbook – Click on the image to access the Full Version.

Click on items in the linked table of contents to access topics in each section of the handbook.

Table of Contents


Data and Information Management

Information Management and Operational Control

Risk Management


Appendix A: Memo – Notification of the Collection and Use of Student Personal Information

Appendix BRoutine Uses and/or Disclosures of Student Personal Information

Appendix CStudent Legal Rights and Capacities – By Age

Appendix D: A Guide to Ontario Legislation Covering the Release of Students’ Personal Information

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